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The world of animals


Coloring book in Augmented Reality!  

  • A new way for your child to play and learn together with you!
  • Interactive coloring book to experience the magic of Augmented Reality on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Your child’s colorful drawings come to life!
  • So many curiosities about the world of animals to discover and a fantastic quiz to solve together!
  • Augmented Reality content viewable in multilingual via app (Italian , English , German and Spanish).
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“The world of animals” is an interactive Augmented Reality coloring book produced by AR MARKET for children aged 3+.

Coloring and learning have never been so fun and educational, thanks to Augmented Reality!

Buy “The world of animals” and download for free our AR Market Junior app on your smartphone or tablet.

Your child will be able to color the drawings, frame the animals and with our app he will see them coming to life just the way he colored them!

He will have fun playing with them and learning lots of trivia in 4 different languages ​​(Italian, English, German and Spanish).

This coloring book combines tradition and innovation by exploiting the potential offered by Augmented Reality: by clicking the appropriate buttons, your child will be able to discover what animals eat, what their sounds are and how big they are. But above all, he will be able to try himself and solve a fantastic quiz!

You will also be able to take pictures from the game with your child, adding some magic to the time you spend together!

Easy to use, stimulating and engaging!

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