The case of
the missing Cleopatra


Adventure Book in Augmented and Virtual Reality (in English) with VR headset enclosed

  • A new way for your child to play, learn and have fun!
  • An interactive book with animated characters and games to experience the magic of Augmented Reality on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Your child can also explore in Virtual Reality the ancient Egypt, wearing the provided headset.
  • Have fun together by reading the story and unlocking the clues to free the missing Cleopatra!
  • The book includes drawings that can be coloured and your child can see them come to life!
  • Many curiosities about the ancient Egypt enjoyable in the interactive map!
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During the holidays parents and kids spend more time together: it’s the perfect occasion to enjoy a story. But, not just a story ……

“The case of the missing Cleopatra” is an interactive book in Augmented Reality (AR) with some immersive experiences in Virtual Reality (VR), produced in collaboration between AR MARKET e MUSEMIO for children aged 7+.

The book is in English to learn the language while having fun! Buy it now on or Amazon.

Your child can read the story and, by framing the pages with AR Market free App, he can see the characters, his drawings and the Egyptian map coming to life, as well as playing with clues to free Cleopatra! Fun guaranteed!

You can also take a picture of the best moments of fun and learning with your kid, giving a touch of magic to your time together!

Also, with MUSEMIO free App and by wearing the provided headset*, your child can immerse himself and explore the pyramids and the ancient Egypt as a little explorer!

This is a new, exciting and educative way to live a story, combining tradition and innovation, stimulating your child’s imagination and creativity.

Easy to use, stimulating and engaging!

* before using the VR headset, read carefully the safeguard warning instructions enclosed in the package.

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